Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Learning many a things to stay alive
When at school to adjust, we strive
English, Hindi math or game
Together we would try to achieve fame.

Teachers always held in high esteem
To support us do they act as beam
Trust in them is what lets us go
To reach for the stars high above.

Somewhere did we all go wrong
To unbind the love that was so strong
For otherwise would we ever hear
Hatred in hearts all due to fear

Some teachers don’t keep up to the respect
Stooping way below in many an aspect
Biased are some in their view
To them are favorites not all but few

Morals and values of life put to shame
Parents and teachers each other they blame
Where oh where are these heading to
Affected are the children by what we do.

Come out off this negative shell one and all
Lets go way beyond what is our fall
Lets join hands and vow to be friends
And create unity that never ends.

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